Marriott Updates Terms to Include 100k+ Night Properties

While reporting on Marriott news isn’t strictly credit card related, I always think it’s pretty relevant, as many people hope to get their credit cards (myself included) and plan to travel through a Marriott. Well, I’ve got some bad news coming up that may make vacationing with Marriott even more expensive. 

The Changes

Not too long ago, Marriott had stated that category 8 would be the maximum that they would charge per night. Even then, with it’s dynamic pricing, that would put you at a maximum of 100k points if you are booking an in peak price. Now though, there have been changes Marriott terms that are pretty interesting. 

“Select properties may have redemption rates in excess of the Category 8 Redemption Rates”

Final Thoughts

Without being specific, Marriott has just “allowed” itself to charge rates that are even more expensive than the category 8 price. Without any specifics, in theory they could charge whatever ridiculous rate they want. Though I image his change in terms is due to some recent property acquisition that may boost up some prices, or even introduce a category 9. With the way things are going at Marriott, I wouldn’t be surprised if that means we see more hotels getting even more expensive. Hopefully they wont actually use this for at least a little while, or make any sudden changes that would warrant the use of these updated terms. You and I both know that wont happen, but we can always hope.

What do you think about these updated terms? With all of the bad press that Marriott receives, are you still staying at their properties? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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