MasterCard Adds Benefits to World and World Elite cards

Maybe it’s just the cards that I focus on, but the large majority of cards I’m interested in are either backed by Visa or American Express. That’s not to say MasterCard isn’t popular, because it is! This is especially true in Europe. Regardless, MasterCard is making a huge strides when it comes to benefits for their World and World Elite members. It makes me sad I don’t have more Mastercards!

The News

MasterCard World and MasterCard World Elite members will have access to the following benefits. 

  • Cell Phone Insurance: World members will receive $600 in coverage, whereas the World Elite members will receive up to $800 in coverage. The only requirement for cell phone insurance is that the phone bill is paid with the MasterCard. The coverage is good for damaged or stolen phones, and will cover $1,000 per year
  • Fandango: Everytime a World Elite card is used on fandango, they will earn 500 Fandango VIP+ points ($5) for every two movie tickets they buy. The Fandango VIP+ currency can either be used to purchase future movie tickets, or for their FandangoNOW service.
  • Lyft: World Elite cardholders will receive a $10 credit for every 5 rides in one calendar month. You can only do this once a month
  • Postmates: World and World Elite Members will receive $5 off every order that exceeds $25. 
  • Boxed: World Elite members will earn 5% cash rewards on their boxed purchases
  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection: If the cardmember so chooses, they can enroll in the theft ID Theft Protection Program. This program helps monitor the cardholders personal information, as well as providing 24 hour assistance.

Final Thoughts

Admittedly, whenever people hear the complete list of credit card benefits, it’s easy to gloss over the large majority of them. Even whenever writing articles here, I will usually only go over the important benefits but leave out the rest. That’s because they’re just standard and boring stuff that most cards offer. However, these benefits are pretty unique, especially if they target specific companies like this. You could take Lyfts to go to the movies with tickets that you purchased on Fandango. Or you could stay inside and get food delivered to you through postmates. 

It just seems pretty exciting that Mastercard as whole is providing these benefits, as it makes it pretty accessible to most people. Now we will see if anyone else will offer these same or similar benefits to their cards in the future.

What do you think about Mastercard offering these benefits? Can you get some good use out of them? Let us know below!

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