Missing/Denied Amex Sign Up Bonuses Now Posting

Have you applied for an American Express credit card recently, hit the minimum spending requirement, but never received your sign up bonus? There may have been a couple of reasons why that may have been the case. Fortunately, It seems like American Express is going back and fixing these issues!

The News

American Express has its own rules when it comes to sign up bonuses. The biggest rule is their “once in a lifetime” rule. However, last year, American Express revamped their system when applying for their credit cards. If you are eligible for the bonus, everything should be normal. If you are not eligible, then you should receive a pop-up message that informs you that you may not be eligible for the sign up bonus, and if you want to continue with the application. 

Some users were either eligible when the pop up said they were not, or never received the pop up message that would let them know they would not receive the bonus.

American Express is now working on fixing these errors. If you never received your sign up bonus, double check your account to see if it is there.

Final Thoughts

A few months ago, American Express fixed a similar issue where people where entitled to bonuses but never received them. This wave seems to be focused on sign up bonuses. While it’s nice to see that American Express is fixing these errors, I hope they don’t continue for much longer. The pop-up idea is not a bad one, it makes it very clear whether or not you’ll receive a sign up bonus. Let’s hope that we don’t have to stress out about these errors anymore. 

Have you been denied a bonus from American Express before? Have you been able to resolve the issue, or for you was it a lost cause? Let us know below!

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