Mobile Passport App Changes to Yearly Subscription for Most Features

Incase you do not have a global entry card, and you are entering one of the 25 supported airports, an alternative available to you is the mobile passport app. The mobile passport lets both American citizens and Canadian visitors expediate entry into the United States. Unique to this app is that it is endorsed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). They are the same people that issue the Global Entry cards. 

The Change

For the last few years, the mobile passport app was a free application, so its value was pretty great, especially if you were flying into one of the 25 supported airports. However, it looks like the developers of the app have switched to a free/premium model. 

The premium version of the app is called “mobile entry plus” and features a $15 per year fee. The features of the paid version are just features that used to be included in the regular version, but now sit behind a paywall. Some features including being able to scan in your passport automatically, and being able to store the passport details. As of right now, if you keep the free version of the app, you will not be able to save passport details. 

Better Alternative

If you are reading this website, you probably have access to cards that give you a global entry credit. Even if you don’t, I would just go that route and get the full global entry. It’s $100 for the full price and includes TSA precheck too. Not to mention it will work at every airport vs just 25 of them. 

With this new price structure, it’s still a little bit cheaper than Global Entry, taking 7 years to get to $100 price point vs 5 years of Global Entry. However, it just comes with much more features to the point where it doesn’t make sense to keep this app.

Final Thoughts 

The best part of the Mobile Passport app was that it was officially endorsed by the CBP, which is the same agency that issues Global Entry. With the new pricing structure, the mobile passport app just doesn’t make much sense anymore. If you were going to make a free ad premium version of the app, at least add features to the paid version, instead we are just seeing features that used to be free but are now behind a paypal. I think this app just gave us more of a reason to get the full Global Entry. It’s not that much more expensive (if you don’t have a credit card that gives you the credit), and comes with a lot more features that are available in more airports such as TSA Precheck. 

What do you think about this change? Has it pushed you into wanting to get Global Entry instead? Let us know below!

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