Negative Kohl’s Changes Inbound

Usually when you hear the words “Department Store”, images of a very overpriced store carrying all of the latest trends in fashion, and in the middle of a NY or Chicago street may show up in your head. Kohl’s is one of the only exceptions to that, it’s not as overpriced as most of the other department stores out there. It’s a shame then, that there are some negative changes that Kohl’s is making to its reward program. 

The Negative Changes

The following negative changes will go into effect on July 22nd, 2019. 

  • Members who use the Kohl’s Charge (credit card) will only receive 5% in rewards (instead of 10%)
  • Rewards are earned in $5 increments, but are only valued for 30 days after insurance which takes place on the 1st of every month. 
  • Elite members will be called Most Valued Customers (MVC)
  • Most Valued Customers (MVC) will be able to get free shipping at certain times of the month when they use their Kohl’s Charge card 

Final Thoughts 

One of the best things about Kohl’s is that most of their stuff isn’t that overpriced, at least compared to most department stores out there. Still, people using the credit card will not earn as much as they used to. Even when they do earn $5, they only have 30 days to use it. I’ve never been a fan of only being able to redeem rewards you’ve earned for a 30 day window. 

The other negative change I see is limited the free shipping to certain times, instead of a constant benefit. I think this is a pretty disastrous move, especially when you think that the biggest spenders are the only one using this benefit. Either way, there are occasional deals through American Express and others that reward its users with department store purchase rewards. If you shop at Kohls frequently, you may have to rely on those more than you normally would. 

What do you think about these negative changes? Let us know below!

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