New Sign Up Bonus on Both Chase Freedom Cards Now Showing Up Via Referrals

When it comes to more consumer level-non travel related credit cards, Chase has a pretty strong market right now. Not only do they offer more than the typical $150 for $500 spend sign up bonus, but they are taking it a step further with their newer sign up bonus for the Freedom cards. Luckily, there is some good news for you if you already have the card!

The Offer

The new sign up bonus on both the Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited cards not only includes the $200 for spending $500 within 3 months, but they also include earning 5% back at groceries (up to $12,000 in spend) within the first year.

While this offer has been available for a little while already, the good news is that they are also showing up if you already have the card and want to refer someone else. The other thing to note here is that if you are the one signing up for the card, you can only get the Freedom Unlimited with this offer.

Final Thoughts

While it’s always great to recommend cards to people based on their needs, and seeing their excitement when they get approved, it’s equally exciting if you can refer them and get some benefit as well. Having this offer show up via referrals is good news in that the offer will probably stay for a least a little while before reverting back to the $200 offer.

It’s weird to me that this only works for the Freedom Unlimited? Maybe it’ll be something that they fix soon.

Keep in mind with referring people is that you will probably be taxed on that referral bonus at the end of the year! Also, as always, you’ll want to make sure that whoever is applying falls under the typical 5/24 rule.

With the inclusion of being able to refer people, are you going to be able to refer someone? Let us know how big of a role this plays in the comment section below!

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