NFL Extra Points Increased Sign Up Bonus for Half the Spend

Are you a big NFL fan, and always wanted a credit card to show you team support? Barclays has your back with the NFL Extra points credit card. While this isn’t a new card by any means, there is an increased offer on this card that may be worth checking out if you’re interested. 

The Increased Offer

Typically, when it comes to the NFL Extra Points credit card, there is a 10,000 point offer when spending $1,000 points within the first 3 months. Points on this card are worth 1 cent per point, which makes that offer worth $100. 

Now though, we are seeing an offer of earning 20,000 points after spending $500 within the first 3 months. This would mean you would be earning $200 after spending $500. That would be a return of 40% on all of your spending towards the sign up bonus!

Quick Recap of the Card 

The NFL Extra points card comes with no annual fee. It earns 2x for NFL purchases and 1x back everywhere else. Additionally, this card earns a 20% discount on all purchases and whenever you buy NFL tickets, you can get a 0% APR offer. Finally, for the design you can pick whichever team is your favorite and have your card decorated with that logo.

Final Thoughts

If you are a big NFL fan, this could be a card worth looking at. The typical sign up bonus is worth half as much while spending twice as much. Only needing to spend $500 to earn $200 is a pretty sweet deal when it comes to sign up bonuses.

That being said, Barclays is a pretty conservative bank when it comes to applying for credit cards. They don’t like to see too many credit card applications in a short amount of time (they have an unofficial 6/24 rule). Additionally, there may be a better Barclay’s card that would be worth applying for, such as the Uber card or Arrival card. 

What do you think of this offer? Which team would you pick for the NFL Extra Points card? Let us know below!

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