Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic Card 10% Everywhere (Targeted Offer)

When it comes to store cards, I pretty much never recommend any of them. They typically have very small credit limits that never grow, very high APRs, and  unless you spend a TON of money at the specific store they just aren’t worth it. As with anything, rules are made to be broken, and there is an exception to the store card rule, and that is the Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic Card. The reason for that is they tend to offer some pretty good deals from time to time that work both in and out of the respective store. This may be one of those offers. 

The Offer

Check for this offer is you happen to have either one of these credit cards. You could earn $30 if you spend $300 from now until August 30th, 2019. 

Final Thoughts

If you are focused on a cashback setup, and you happen to have one of these cards already, this is a pretty easy way to get $30 and get 10% back on all of your purchases for $300 worth. Normally I don’t recommend store cards unless you absolutely spend a TON of money at the specific store. These cards are pretty good for deals like this where it works outside of the store.

Are you going to be earning an easy $30 with one of these cards? Let us know below!

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