Paypal Credit Card Offering 4% As a Sign Up Bonus (Targeted)

For those of you out there that are looking at getting a catch-all cash back credit card, the PayPal credit card is making more of a cash for itself through a targeted offer.

The Offer

The standard earning rate on the better catch-all cards are 2%, and that’s usually what the PayPal credit card gives you. If you sign up before January 5th, you have the potential to get a targeted offer of earning 4% for the first 90 days with a maximum of $200.

Final Thoughts

Depending on how much you can spend in 90 days, will determine how valuable this deal is to you. If you are able to spend the entire amount, you’ll earn a total of $200. Unfortunately, the rate of return of that spend is only 4%, so while this is a sign up bonus per se, it doesn’t feel special like most other sign up bonuses out there. Still, this is a pretty neat card to have if you’re interesting in a cash back setup. It doesn’t have an annual fee, a foreign transaction fee, and there is no minimum redemption on the cash back you’ve earned. 

Is this offer worth considering? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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