PayPal MasterCard 5% On All Purchases for Limited Time (Targeted)

The PayPal 2% card is one of my favorite 2% credit cards out there. It earns an unlimited amount of 2% back on every purchase, and it can even be used outside of the country without worry of foreign transaction fee. Not only that, but it’s also pretty easy to get a credit limit increase without worry of a hard pull.

Regardless, Synchrony has been sending out targeted offers on this card to earn even more. 

The Offer

Be sure to check those email inboxes! Synchrony is sending out offers to earn additional rewards on every purchase. The offer will reward the cardholder an additional 3% cashback on every purchase made until August 28th, 2019. The 3%, along with the standard 2% means you’d be getting 5% back on every single purchase. 

Final Thoughts

If you get this offer, you need to take it! 5% back on every purchase is great! At the very least, use this deal for your everyday spending where you’d only be earning 1.5-2% back anyway. As a reminder it is a targeted offer though, so be sure to check those inboxes and activate it if you did receive it. 

Where would you be earning 5% back if you got this offer? Let us know below!

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