PayPal Will Let You Send Money Over to a Venmo Account

In my anecdotal experience, many of my friends happen to have a Venmo account, but don’t happen to have a PayPal account. Have they just been buying things on eBay with a credit card every time? I digress. But while my friends forced me over to open a Venmo account in addition to my paypal account it looks like you may not have to do so anymore!

The News

Starting July 9th, PayPal will allow its users to send money over to a Venmo account. Seeing that Venmo is totally on mobile, this feature is nice for those that have a PayPal account, but are either not technologically savvy enough, or don’t have a smartphone.

Final Thoughts

If we’re being honest here, seeing that both PayPal and Venmo are owned by the same company, I just don’t understand why these were not seamlessly link in the past. Even with the current change, it looks like PayPal users will be able to send money over to Venmo users, but not vise versa, at least not yet anyway. We’ll see if there is a change on that front and will update the article with any information. 

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