Penfed Offering $15 Credit For Streaming Services (Targeted)

Penfed has recently sent out an email that they are offering a pretty good deal for those of us that are stuck at home, the details are as follows. 

The News

This offer has been sent out via email. The offer includes a $15 credit for any sort of streaming services when you use your Penfed card to pay. The way they classify the streaming service is if the MCC code is 4899. Depending on how your purchases code, it may work for even just regular cable or internet, in addition to actual streaming services. The purchase on the are must be made by April 30th. 

Final Thoughts

This is an excellent offer if you are targeted. With many of us being stuck at home, this is an excellent way to get some free money on services we may already pay for. Instead of the normal definition of just a few streaming services, this is the broadest I’ve ever seen, with the MCC code of 4899. This could potentially cover a lot of different items. 

Have you been targeted for this offer? Which out of the ordinary service counted for you? Let us know down in the comment section below, and maybe someone else can benefit from the knowledge!

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