PenFed Pathfinder Changes (Amex to Visa)

Recently, we wrote about Penfed not allowing any new applications for the Pathfinder. If you went to the landing page, it would state that you will soon be able to apply for the card again after they refresh it.

While not officially open to new applications yet, we’ve found out a little bit more of the details on what is changing, and what is staying. 

The Changes

The first and most apparent change is the that the Pathfinder will no longer be an American Express card – it’ll be a Visa card instead. With that of course, there will be the varying levels of Visa and Visa Signature benefits. The only other change that we know of is that you will have access to lounges, however, it’ll still cost you $27 per visit. 

As far as things staying the same, I’m sure there’s one thing you want t know about – the airline incidental credit. Luckily, that is still staying! We even get the added benefit of the annual fee and the reward categories staying the same. 

Final Thoughts

I’m actually pretty excited about the changes to this card. Excited to the point where I may even pick it up sometime in the future. With no annual fee, and a $100 airline incidental credit, it makes sense to keep it for the trip that I happen to check bags in, or really any other reason.

Additionally, being realistic, changing it to a Visa card does mean more acceptance all throughout the world. 

What are your thoughts on these changes? Are you excited that the airline incidental credit is staying? Let us know in the comments down below

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