Popular Bank Shutting Down Some Avianca Card Accounts

What’s worse then getting declined for a card? Getting approved for a card and thinking you’re in the clear, only to get asked for some additional documentation, and have your account closed. The worst part about it is that the banks will almost never tell you the real reason. Unfortunately, some people are going through this on the Avianca cards. 

The News

Some users are applying for the Avianca cards, getting approved, and then being asked for documentation in the form of driver license and utility bill. After sending in these documents, users receive a letter in the mail from their fraud department stating that their accounts have been closed. 

Final Thoughts

As this has happened to more than just one or two people, I have a guess as to why this is happening. My best guess would be that Popular Bank intended for the card to be available only in a specific geographic location. It may be possible that these account closures are happening due to people applying for the card outside of that geographic area.

The other possible scenario would be if they applied for the card with a specific link from a specific link. Maybe Popular bank saw that people applying from that link would be more likely to get the bonus and run/close the account. 

In either scenario, I would advise some caution if you are looking to apply for Avianca card. 

Have you been closed out of the Avianca card? Thinking of applying? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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