Possibly New Amex Rule Limits Number of Charge Cards to 10?

One of the most fundamental rules of American Express has to do with the total number of credit cards an individual can have. This rule has presented a little dilemma for me personally, as I could see myself getting up to 7 different American Express credit cards, and the limit is only 5. 

Luckily, there is no limit on the number of charge cards you can have from American Express, right? It looks like that rule may very well change. 

The News

According to an Executive Recon employee at American Express, they have recently implemented a new rule for their charge cards. According to that employee, they are setting a limit on charge cards to 10 per person. 

Final Thoughts

This is a little bit of a tricky situation. In the past, it’s easy to dismiss people that work the phones at any company. They don’t always get the most up to date or even accurate information. Think about how the game telephone works, and how they are literally talking to you on the phone. Additionally, while many of us know different restrictions on credit cards and applications, those rules are usually not broadcast for the world to know. They are only found and confirmed through many different data points. 

While I’m not quite sure if this is entirely true, as we don’t have many additional details, it still looks like something they could be implementing. Or maybe it’s even possible they had intentions of implementing this rule, but would rather postpone the new change until after coronavirus no longer becomes an issue. 

Do you have any evidence contrary to this new rule? Help us by trying to figure it out, if you happen to have more than 10 charge cards, give us a breakdown of person/business/authorized user and if you’ve been approved for a new charge card recently. Thank You for any help!

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