Potential Trick To Become Eligible for Altitude Reserve

The Altitude Reserve card for U.S. Bank is their ultimate travel credit card. Inspired from the Sapphire Reserve, it has many features that are similar to the Sapphire Reserve. That makes it perfect for those out there that either aren’t eligible for the Sapphire Reserve, or want some of the features that the Altitude Reserve offers instead, such as points for mobile wallet purchases. However, unless you dedicated a lot of time, you wouldn’t be eligible for the Altitude Reserve… until now.

The News

Previously, if you wanted to get to the Altitude Reserve, you would have to go through a trial of applying for their lower tier credit cards first. This makes sense; why would U.S. bank trust you with their premium credit card if they don’t know who you are and without any other accounts. Applying for their lower tier cards would allow them the ability to learn about you and your spending habits, and see if you would be a good fit for the Altitude Reserve.

But that process takes time! What if you wanted to apply for the Altitude Reserve card as soon as possible? Well, you may be eligible if you open up an investment account with U.S. bank. Not only does doing so allow you the ability to become eligible for the Altitude Reserve, but also gives you the option to get the checking account bonus as well.

This method doesn’t work for everyone though, so be aware  before going this route.

Final Thoughts

Credit is a tricky thing, especially when you read about it on the internet. When you’re reading though, it’s easy to skip to and read about the latest and greatest credit cards out there. Many people then try to just jump straight into those cards, and while some might slip through the cracks, it usually isn’t possible to do. Higher level cards require a higher level amount of credit to be eligible, that, or you need to prove to the banks that you would be a valuable, and loyal customer. This could be an interesting work around if it happens to actually work for you. If you don’t plan on actually using the brokerage account though, as there is a $40 fee if you do not place any trades by the end of the year.

What was the process you took for applying and getting approved for the Altitude Reserve? Were you lucky, and did this method work for you? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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