Redeem Capital One Spark Points for Telephone Providers and Restaurants

Recently, we wrote about Capital One adding the ability for its Venture cards to use the earned points to offset restaurant delivery, takeout, and streaming services. This of course is because of the widespread stay at home orders. At least in this way, you could still get value from the points you’ve earned on your Venture card. Now, it looks like Capital One is extending some of that functionality to its business cards. 

The News

If you happen to have the Spark Miles, or Spark Miles Select business cards from Capital One, you’ll now have new redemption options! Capital One is letting those Spark cardholders redeem their points for restaurant takeout and food delivery purchases, as well as purchases made from eligible wireless phone service providers. However, not covered is internet, WiFi, and landline services from these wireless phone services providers. 

Final Thoughts

With Capital One recently removing the ability for users to redeem their points for gift cards, it’s interesting that they are giving us more options. What’s nice about these options in particular is they are applicable for business owners with the added benefits the personal card holders get. It’s a shame to see that it doesn’t cover all telecommunications like wireless internet; to me, it would make complete sense to do that. Still, I can’t complain at the extra options.

Do you have one of Capital One’s Spark cards? How do you feel about these changes? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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