Surprisingly, when it comes to sports or other outdoor activities, there aren’t too many options out there. Of course you’ve got Bass Pro Shop and Cabalas, but outside of just a few others, that would be about it. If you do happen to frequent the REI stores, then there are some pretty big changes coming to their credit card that could interest you. 

The Changes 

The US Bank backed REI card will be undergoing a few changes that could make it an overall better card for its cardholders. These include: 

  • 2% back on all Mobile Wallet purchases
  • Cell Phone Protection Insurance
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees (3% previously)
  • LoungeKey Lounge Access ($32 Per visit)

Quick Summary of REI credit card

The sign up bonus on the card is receiving a $100 Gift card after first purchase within 60 days. As far as the reward categories are concerned, you will earn 5% back at REI, 2% back on mobile wallet purchases, and 1% everywhere else. 

Final Thoughts

While the changes themselves aren’t too overwhelming, overall, these are all positive changes that are coming to the credit card. The two biggest changes of course is the ability to earn 2% back with mobile wallet purchases and the no foreign transaction fee. These changes make it useful outside of just spending money at REI. The other changes aren’t too great, as they are just Mastercard standard benefits. However, for those out there that wouldn’t have protections any other way, they can most certainly help. 

What do you think about the changes coming to those card? Let us know down in the comment section. 

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