Sephora Credit Card Released

We wrote about the Sephora card being rumored not too long ago. However we were missing a few details at that point in time including the sign up bonus and the reward structure. With the card being released, we have official confirmation on both of those!

Quick Overview

Remember there are three different variants of the Sephora card. There is a card that can only be used at the Sephora store, a Visa card that can be used anywhere, and a Visa signature card that can also be used anywhere, but requires a greater credit limit to get. 

The sign up bonus is actually made up of two different components. You will receive 15% off of your first purchase at Sephora on all three variants of the Sephora card. If you happen to have either a Visa or Visa Signature Sephora card you will receive a $20 credit card reward after you spend $500 outside of the Sephora store. 

As far as the reward structure goes, the card earns 4% back at Sephora stores, and 1% back everywhere else. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, you should only be looking at this card if you spend a TON of money at Sephora to get any sort of benefit from it. As it’s any credit card, this takes up a 5/24 slot, so just make sure this card is really worth it to you before applying. 

No matter the varient of the card, all three Sephora card earns 4% back at Sephora stores. Additionally, they all earn 1% back everywhere else. If you are shopping elsewhere, any 2% cash back card would earn twice as much for those purchases. 

What do you think of this card? Let us know below!

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