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As unfortunate as it may be, sometimes some of us get into a credit rut. Starting fresh with a new credit report is easy to fix into something really spectacular if you go about it the right way. When it comes to rebuilding credit though, its much harder to go about it. It’s possible that people in the rebuilder stage have either accounts in bad standing, some that have been closed, or some limits reduced. Each rebuilder situation is different, but no matter how your credit report looks, it is always a good thing to have more accounts showing good information. Even better, is if you can get new accounts, in good standing without a hard inquiry!

Who This Method is Mainly For

While the shopping cart trick could technically be used by anybody, it’s mainly targeted or useful for people with poor or rebuilder credit. This is because a hard inquiry will have a much larger impact on a bad credit report. Also, having an account in good standing or with low utilization may be the difference in that persons credit report. 

If you do have good credit, then you could realistically apply for these cards directly, and you should have no problem getting them. For the most part, the cards that you can get with this method will help you get good deals at certain stores if you shop there often. However, most of these cards wont really let you have a large limit, even if you have a stellar credit report. It’s for this reason that you’ll need to carefully consider these credit cards before you apply. If you are looking at any other credit cards that have application restrictions, such as 5/24, then you may want to hold off and get the cards you want/need first. After that, if you still think these cards could benefit you, then by all means apply away. 

Why Hard Inquiries Matter and Why You Want to Avoid Them

Every single time you apply for a credit product or service, such as a credit card, personal loan, or a mortgage, you’ll have someone run a hard inquiry on your credit report so they can get a really good look at your credit. The better the report, the better off you’ll be as far as getting approved or getting a better rate. However, every time your credit is run, you’ll get a hard inquiry on your report. The hard inquiry will count against your score for up to 1 year, and stay on your report for 2 years. Seeing that recent credit inquiries account for 10% of your FICO score, it’s significant if your credit report isn’t all that great to begin with. 

This trick will allow you to get some credit cards, without the hard inquiry.

Preparing for the Shopping Cart Trick

Before we get to how to actually apply the shopping cart trick, it’s important that we prepare ourselves so that we can actually get the offers to do so. 

Make Sure You Have Not Opted Out of Any Sort of Offer

If you have opted out of getting pre-screened in anyway from getting credit card offer emails or regular mail, then it’s possible you may not get targeted for the offers. Go ahead and opt back in so that we can get these Offers

Clear Browser History/Incognito

Sometimes offers are only targeted to us the very first time we visit a website. Because of that, we want to make sure that we are seeing the best possible offer that we can possibly get. Who knows, it may even be better then the public offering? 

Go ahead and delete your cache, cookies, and browser history. This may make websites you’ve visited before load a little slow, but after you’ve visited before a little slow. But, once you’ve visited them again, it’s as if you didn’t even change any setting. 

Alternatively, you can try the incognito or similar mode on your web browser. These modes allow for no cookies or tracking. Sometimes incognito works, sometimes it doesn’t. 

Disable Pop-Up Blockers

We also want to make sure that we temporarily disable any pop-up blockers just in case the offer is given to us in the form of a pop-up. Alternatively, you could just disable it on the website you want to use. Either way, once we are done, you can turn it back on anyway. 

Check If Application Asks for Social Security Number

Maybe this is jumping ahead a little bit, but the final important thing to look for before submitting any sort of application, is to check the social security information. If the application asks you for your full social security number, then it’s likely a hard pull. If the application only asks for your last 4 digits, then it’s possible that it may only be a soft inquiry. There is no guarantee either way that the application wont be a hard pull. However, if it does ask you for your full social security number, then you can be assured that there will be a hard inquiry.

The Shopping Cart Trick

Now that we are all prepared, here’s how you actually go about doing the trick. First, take a look at a website where you would like to apply (the list of applicable cards are down below). From there, add things to your shopping cart, as if you were to make a purchase. For the trick, we don’t actually need to buy anything, we’re just pretending; please don’t accidentally buy something.

After we’ve loaded up our shopping card with a few items, and click checkout, we’ll be brought to the checkout screen where we fill in our information. Slowly fill out the application. It’s possible that during the time when we fill out our information, we’ll see either a popup, or an add for the website’s credit card. From here, click on the ad that will allow you to fill in your information for that credit card. Double check the social security field. If it asks for the full number, you can be assured that it will be a hard inquiry. If it only asks for the last 4 it’s possible it’ll be a soft inquiry. From here, you’ll hopefully have a brand new credit card! If you’re actually interested in the items you put in your shopping cart, it’s possible you can get some sort of discount from the card you just got. Otherwise, you can safely back out at this point.

Which Cards You can Use This On

There aren’t too many credit card companies that allow this sort of way to apply. There three you are looking for include Comenity, Synchrony, and Wells Fargo. The cards that work for this method are broken down by company below:

Comenity Abercrombie & Fitch, Ann Taylor, Bath & Body WOrks, Brylane Home, Buckle, Coldwater Creek, Express, Full Beatuy, GameStop, HSN, J. Crew, Jessica London, Jjill, King Size Direct, Loft, Motorola, Mypoints, New York & Company, Overstock, Romans, Sportsman Guide, Venus, Victoria Secret, Wayfair, Williams-Sonoma, Woman Within
Synchrony  QVC, Walmart
Wells Fargo Dillard’s, Kirklands

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, nothing is a guarantee, it’s possible that even with this method, you may still get that hard inquiry. So please do not go crazy applying for these credit cards. Only apply for ones that actually will benefit you! If you don’t shop at the store often, then there is no point to apply for the card. Instead, you should focus on fixing your credit so you don’t have to rely on methods such as this. 

If your credit is good, or you can benefit from other cards first, I would prioritize getting those instead, especially if their credit card issuer has sign up restrictions such as Chase or Barclays. 

Have you used this method before? Let us know down in the comments below which cards you were able to get, and if you got a hard inquiry or not!

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