Southwest Flights Are Now Bookable Through Chase Ultimate Reward Portal Again!

Last year, Chase changed the provider of its travel portal from Connexion to Expedia. With that change, came a few growing pains, such as not being able to book anything Disney related, cruises not being bookable past 2019, and finally, Southwest not being bookable through the portal. 

The News

It’s time to rejoice! Southwest is now again bookable through the Chase Ultimate Reward portal. A nice feature about booking through Chase is that you are eligible for earning Southwest points, just as if you were booking directly through them.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to planning a trip, really the best possible thing you can do is to shop around and see where the points are the most valuable for you. If it’s redeeming them through Chase’s travel portal, make sure you are redeeming it at least through the Sapphire Reserve’s portal so you can get 1.5 cents per point. If it makes more sense to transfer the points over directly at a 1:1 rate, then go about it that way. 

What’s nice about this news is that the option to do either redemption is there. At the very minimum, if you have the Sapphire Reserve, you would be earning 1.5 cents per point if you used your points at Southwest. 

Are you happy this feature is back? Let us know down below!

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