Synchrony Launches Norwegian Airline Credit Card

2019 marked a very tough year for some ultra low cost carriers. We saw the likes of Thomas Cook, WOW Airlines, and even Primera Air all disappearing. Domestically, we see Spirit and Frontier being two front runners in the low cost game, one is holding on in the international front, and that would be Norwegian Airlines. They’re doing so well in fact that they have launched a new credit card.

The Card

The new Norwegian Airline credit card is issued with a partnership with Synchrony bank. Some details of the card include:

  • -$0 Annual fee, No FTF
  • -$50 in CashPoints when you spend $500 or more within 3 months
  • -Priority Boarding

As far as rewards are concerned, we are seeing

  • 2% extra on Norwegian, 
  • 2% on dining and grocery
  • 1% all other purchases

Final Thoughts

It’s always hard for me to look at different airline cards like this one when so many others provide, in my opinion, better value. If you’re after a cheap way to get priority boarding on Norwegian flights, this is a great way to do it. This card comes with no annual fee, so I can’t complain too much. The sign up bonus returns 10% on your spending. If you do fly Norwegian a lot, then it does give you an extra 2% on any flights you take with them. 

Additionally, another advantage I can see is that it is backed by Synchrony bank. Because of that, I would imagine it would be pretty easy to build up a pretty high credit limit through their soft inquiry credit limit increase requests.

What do you think about the Norwegian credit card? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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