Synchrony’s New 2% Credit Card – Max Plusmore

Are you looking for a 2% credit card, but are tired of the boring mundane PayPal card or Citi DoubleCash? What if you were to get something so exclusive, it still isn’t even available publicly yet? Look no further than the Max Plusmore

The News

While we have heard of people getting mailers for this card back more than 2 months ago, the card isn’t publicly available still. The only way that you can even apply for this card is by being targeted, and getting the offer in the mail. Inside the envelope, there should be an access code that you can use by clicking on the link here. We even got a couple of invitations ourselves!

The Card Details

It’s hard to say for certain if the offer will be the same when it goes public, but I don’t think it’s too generous where it would be changed much, if at all. Currently the sign up bonus is $150 for spending $1,500 within a 3 month span. That would give its users a 10% return on the spending required for the sign up bonus. In addition, for the first 12 months, the card will offer a 0% APR for purchases.

Finally, the card will earn 2% back on all purchases, very similar to the PayPal card. This package comes with a $0 annual fee. 

Final Thoughts

This card is a little weird to me. I think the original intent of this card was having something to transfer their previous Toys R Us credit card users to when that business went under. For the time being, the card is invite only, but I don’t know why they don’t offer it publicly yet. My best guess, would be that there is another card they have that is pretty similar, and that would be the PayPal credit card.

The PayPal card also offers an unlimited 2% cashback card. I’m wondering if there is some sort of deal that both PayPal and Synchrony have to not release the Max Plusmore yet? Who knows. 

Overall though, if you don’t have the PayPal card, this would be a good alternative for those of you out there looking for a 2% credit card. Of course, you’ll have to get the mailer with the access code to get this card. But, you could always claim you have a card that isn’t available to many others (just yet at least). 

What do you think about the Max Plusmore from Synchrony? Would you get this or the PayPal card? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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