American Express Ameriprise Platinum Discontinued – Visa Now

When it comes to American Express, their most popular credit card has to be the Platinum card. It’s their most expensive annual fee card that most people can actually get. Different companies out there even have their own version of it, with additional perks that are curated to them. There’s some interesting news in the […]

Increased Offers on the Delta Skyclub Cards from American Express

We recently wrote about Delta making changes to all of their American Express cards coming in 2020. Even though all of them saw a price increase, and are losing benefits (exception being the Blue card), American Express is offering you an increased incentive to sign up for the cards. The Offers Gold: 60,000 miles after […]

Delta Credit Card Revamps Coming in 2020

If you have ever looked up the Delta credit cards, you would have seen that there are a TON of credit cards they offer at just about every level of spender. Delta is going to go through each and every card and is planning on revamping them. The Changes Starting January 30th, you will see […]

Amazon Business American Express Card All Time High Sign Up Bonus

Something that always surprises me whenever I think about Amazon is just the shear number of credit cards that they offer! But they don’t even offer it from the same company! American Express is the company that runs their business credit cards, and right now they are offering an all time high sign up bonus! […]

American Express Will Offer Travel Protections! Plus Other Changes in 2020

For a long time, American Express cards have not been the preferred cards to use when traveling. Sure, the Platinum card earns 5x back on certain flights and hotels, and the Gold card earns 4x back on restaurants. But what holds these cards back? The travel protections!  With Citi removing most of the benefits on […]

American Express Centurion Lounge Restriction Clarification

When it comes to traveling as/with a credit card enthusiast, it seems like all they go off about is the airport lounges. Or how they have to fly to/from a specific airport because it has a better lounge than another one. Insanity! But the sad reality is that with each coming day, it’s getter hard […]

American Express Business Green Card New Sign Up Bonus

Hotel Room

With news of American Express wanting to revamp the Green card, it makes sense that they would also look into changing up the Business version of the Green card. While it doesn’t look like they are completely redesigning it (as of yet anyway), we are seeing a new sign up bonus.  The New Bonus The […]

Amex Green Card No Longer Accepting Applications – New Design Announced

Can it be? Is it finally be happening? I think it might be! Back in February of this year, not too long after the highly successful Gold card revamp, we heard rumors that American Express wanted to also give that revamp attention to the Green card. A move like that would make complete sense because […]

American Express Pop Up Not Showing Through Email Link

It’s no secret that credit card companies don’t want people to sign up for one of their credit cards if that person will take advantage of the terms. But, not too long ago, at the expense of your credit score,  it was very very easy to make a ton of money just applying for and […]