Amex Platinum 75k Upgrade Offer

Outside of the Black, Centurion card, the Platinum card is the most desirable American Express card. To the surprise of many people, it’s actually very easy to get accepted for one. Some people have applied to American Express’ lower end cards like the Green just to “get in” with Amex. If you have a Green […]

Amex is showing a Targeted 125k point offer on Platinum Card

Did you ever think that we would get an offer on the American Express Platinum that would be more than 100,000? I certainly didn’t. Even in the case of 100,000 points, it’s pretty rare to be targeted for that one. The common thought it that you’ll only get targeted for 100,000 if you do not […]

All Amex Zync Cards Will be Closed on March 20th, 2020

When people think about the ultimate credit cards, thoughts of the American Express Black, or Centurion card, is usually the first thought that comes to mind. Only the super rich are eligible for one, let alone pay the high annual fee for one. There is another American Express card that has quite a cult following […]

Marriott Bonvoy Boundless 100k Offer

Ever since Marriott split its credit card portfolio between Chase and American Express, it has been nothing but confusion. Should you stay on the personal lower end with Chase? Or are you looking for the high end of business card through American Express? This increased offer has made it just the more difficult for the […]

Hilton Honors Positive Changes

Hilton in Liverpool

Hilton seems to be in the limelight lately with its increased sign up bonuses, and other promotions that reward its loyal members additional points. This article is actually more good news in the form of positive changes that are coming to the Hilton brand. The Changes While these changes may not impact most people, I […]

Hilton Points Unlimited: Earn 2k Per Night Until May

There is no better time to jump on a promotion than when you can also stack it with another special. As Hilton is offering higher than standard sign up bonuses on its card, they are also running a promotion to earn additional points every night you stay. The Offer This offer runs through May of […]

Hilton Honors ($0) 75k + $100 Offer

Hilton Hotel

Hilton offers 3 different levels of credit cards which in my opinion makes it absolutely perfect. With American Express’ once in a lifetime rule, it means that you’ll have to be pretty strategic with how you apply for cards. If you cared more about getting as many points as possible, it doesn’t make sense to […]

Amex and PayPal/Venmo Partnership

Whenever you go out with friends, how is the bill generally paid? Do you like to get separate checks, or does one person generally pay for the entire bill, and then that person sends out Venmo requests to the other parties involved? For the last couple of years, I’ve done the later, and actually use […]

Marriott Updates Terms to Include 100k+ Night Properties

Marriott Lobby

While reporting on Marriott news isn’t strictly credit card related, I always think it’s pretty relevant, as many people hope to get their credit cards (myself included) and plan to travel through a Marriott. Well, I’ve got some bad news coming up that may make vacationing with Marriott even more expensive.  The Changes Not too […]

Amex Targeting Businesses to Open up a Second Business Platinum

Business Startup Notebook

In light of the RAT team cracking down on any form of abuse – whether explicitly against the rules or not, I would advise caution against American Express. That being said, it almost suspicious who they are targeting now. The News If you happen to have a business, and have a Business Platinum, American Express […]