Apple Card Offering Sign Up Bonus Via Panera

Basket of Bread

One of the most unique things about the Apple credit card is the lack of a sign up bonus. While most credit card companies offer an incentive to pick up the card, Apple and Goldman Sachs thought they didn’t really need to pay the acquisition cost. Afterall, many people are just picking up the card […]

Apple Card Now Reporting to 2 Credit Bureaus

When you get deep inside of the credit card game, you can get real deep into it. Instead of just worrying about getting a hard inquiry, or worrying about different rewards that each card offers, you can delve into other things. What about getting an SSL to increase your score, what about paying all of […]

Apple Is Offering Another Limited Time Offer Sign Up Bonus

Has much as I like to hate Apple for different reasons, the way that they have handled their newer credit card with Goldman Sachs has been a pretty interesting one. Instead of offering general categories for their rewards, they instead opted to go for partnering with individual companies. Instead of offering a sign up bonus, […]

Apple Adds More Categories to Their Credit Card (6/30/20)

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Well, well, well. It looks like Apple is keeping up with their initial promise of partnering with companies to make its credit card even more appealing. The News The Apple card has added another way its cardholders can earn 3% cashback! Any dollar spent at Exxon and Mobil using Apple Pay will now earn 3%! […]

Apple Offering A Temporary Sign Up Bonus For Walgreens

Just when you thought that Apple would never succumb to such trivial market strategies such as a sign up bonus (because, why would they need to?), you would be mistaken!  The Offer Apple is now offering a bonus of $50 if you apply for the Apple credit card and spend $50 at Walgreens within 30 […]

Redeem Chase Ultimate Reward Points for 1.2 CPP at Apple

A lot of us have spent a ton of time earning Chase Ultimate Reward points only to be completely stuck without the ability to really use them in 2020. What a shame! But what if you were a big Apple fan, and planned on buying some of their products sometime this year? You could get […]