Bank of America Credit Card Application Rules Update 3/12 and 7/12

As more and more time passes, it is getting harder and harder to obtain credit cards quickly. The most infamous rules out there are Chase’s 5/24 rule and American Express’ once in a lifetime rule. For a long time, we’ve always wondered what is going on with Bank of America’s approval process. The only thing […]

Frontier No-Changes-Fee Changes to 60 Days

If you look at the aviation industry as a whole, it’s much cheaper to fly then pretty much any point in history. Part of that is due to consumer demand to get the cheapest possible flight, but also part due to the relatively low gas prices. There is no king of cheap flying like low […]

Alaska Airlines 30,000 Points + $200 Statement Credit

Not too long ago, we were seeing offers on the Alaska Airlines credit card of 40,000 points + $100 when you spend $2,000 within the first 3 months. If you would prefer instead to have more cash in your sign up bonus, then Bank of America has your back.  The Offer There is an offer […]

Alaska Airlines Business Credit Card All Time High Sign Up Bonus

The personal Alaska Airlines credit card is one of my favorite airline credit cards. Part of that is because I like Alaska Airlines a lot, part of it is because it offers free checked bags for up to six (6)! different people. However, the other reason involves the value of the Alaska points. Whether you […]

Frontier Increased Sign Up Bonus

When it comes to budget airlines in the United States, there aren’t too many names out there. However, when it comes to value and budget airlines, I usually think Frontier. This sort of mentality can also be reflected in the way the credit card works too. And now, for a limited time, they are offering […]

Amtrak Card Adds New Food and Beverage Rebates

When it comes to credit cards with valuable points, they almost exclusively belong to the companies who issue the cards themselves. One of the best examples of that is the Amtrak credit card, which just added another reason to keep the card long term.  The Changes While the Amtrak card is card that earns some […]

Amtrak Credit Card All Time High Sign Up Bonus + $100

Why does it feel like the Amtrak sign up bonus changes every few months? Is something happening behind the tracks that we don’t know about? At this point you may as well not sign up for the card when there’s a standard offer! The Offer The standard sign up bonus on the card is 20,000 […]

Bank of America Cash Rewards Lose Travel Accident Insurance

Just recently Citi announced they are removing pretty much all of their benefits from all of their cards. While there are still a few hold out benefits, it still makes me nervous when other issuers are following suit. Bank of America is removing a benefit on one of their cards too. The Change Coming October […]

Bank of America Double Cashback Offer (Targeted)

The Bank of America Cash Reward credit card offers a 3-2-1 cashback reward scheme. For the 3% category, you get to chose between a few different categories, you can earn 2% at grocery stores and wholesale club, and 1% back everywhere else.  If you happen to hold the Cash Reward credit card, you may have […]

Alaska Airline Companion Pass Need to be Paid With Alaska Card After October 1st

The Alaska Airline credit card is one of the better deals in airline credit cards. It just offers a ton of benefits and very valuable points. That being said, there is a change coming to the card that may impact some people involving the companion pass.  The Change The Companion Pass that Alaska Airlines offers […]