Bank of America Closing Accounts Due to Churning

Churning credit card sign up bonuses is kind of like card counting in Las Vegas. Yes, if you follow the rules, then it’s technically completely legal, and to your advantage to do. However, it’s always going to be frowned upon. As far as credit card companies go, they use sign up bonuses to attract customers […]

Air France/KLM Offering All Time High 50k + $150 Statement Credit

The airline industry hasn’t been in the best spot as of late, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the numbers on their credit card applications being lower than normal. What’s interesting to me is that instead of saving the money, they would rather entice people to sign up for their credit cards, especially with […]

Bank of America Cash Rewards Offer to Double Points Through September 1st

Money With House

Bank of America’s Cash Reward card follows a useful 3-2-1 setup. For the 3% category it gives you the choice of picking the category that’s the most useful to you, it offers 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 1% back for every other purchase. For a limited time, you may be able […]

Amtrak No Annual Fee Credit Card Increased Sign Up Bonus

The Amtrak portfolio is such an underrated one! To the surprise of many, the points earned on the card are actually quite valuable at 2.5 cents per point (TPG)! They can be worth a ton if used in the correct way. So with an increased offer on the No annual fee card, is it hopping […]

Bank of America Premium Rewards Cardholders Get $50 Statement Credit

There has been a big push for credit card companies to offer incentives or rewards for cardholders of travel related cards with annual fees. It is in their best interest if we keep paying that high annual fee every single year! While the $450+ market has been pretty forgiving as far as credits, I think […]

Bank of America Allows Additional Redemption on Travel Rewards Card

Outside of the very obvious death and destruction that coronavirus has caused us this year, one of the consequences of it is the lack of travel. Even no annual fee credit cards are still impacted, what is Bank of American going to do with the Travel Reward card to incentivize you to use it then?  […]

Alaska Airlines 30,000 Points + $200 Statement Credit

Update June 20, 2020: Offer is back, link updated. Not too long ago, we were seeing offers on the Alaska Airlines credit card of 40,000 points + $100 when you spend $2,000 within the first 3 months. If you would prefer instead to have more cash in your sign up bonus, then Bank of America […]

Bank of America’s Airfrance/KLM Alternative Sign Up Bonus

For those of you that are interested in the AirFrance/KLM card from Bank of America, this could be an interesting time for you to do so. There is an alternative offer that some people are seeing which could make the card more accessible/valuable. The Offer If you go and make a dummy booking on AirFrance […]

Bank of America Postpones Preferred Reward Status Reviews

In regards to reward programs, Bank of America’s probably tops the field when it comes to cash back cards. While it does take a lot of money to get those extra rewards points, it can truly be worth it for the right person. If you happen to be a Preferred Award member, and you would […]

Bank of American Extending Sign up Bonus by 3 Months

Due to the recent pandemic, Bank of America is joining both American Express and Chase in a recent positive change that impacts recent card holders.  The News Bank of America has sent out a notice to recent cardholders via email that they are extending sign up bonuses for 3 months. Although there is no official […]