Brex Offers Option to Change Reward Categories

Whenever talks of business cards come up, it’s easy to only think about cards from Chase or American Express. Both companies offer cards with huge sign up bonuses and great rewards. However, one company, in my opinion always gets overlooked. And it’s a shame they often do, because Brex can really offer a ton of […]

Brex Increased Sign Up Bonus + JetBlue as Transfer Partner

Jet Engine Turbine

While we don’t have too many posts about Brex, whenever we do, they are always pretty interesting ones. Brex is a credit card company that is targeting people with businesses. While their methods seem unusual, they can offer some pretty incredible value to certain people. It’s great then, that we are seeing an increased sign […]

Brex Opens Up Lounge in San Francisco

A credit card benefit that I didn’t realize I needed until I had it was the lounge access. Typically speaking, lounges are spaces in airports that not only provide food and beverage, but also just a place to relax and unwind before your flight. With American Express at the head of the pack for this […]