Capital One Acquires Freebird, a Flight Insurance Company

If I had to give you a reason to get a travel related credit card, it would be the protections that it offers. While the fees can be hard to stomach, some cards offer protection against flights be canceled or delayed. This is a much better alternative than being stuck in an airport or paying […]

Capital One Spark Moving From Visa to Mastercard

In the United States, and frankly, across the world, there really isn’t a difference in Mastercard vs Visa. Generally speaking, if a certain business accepts one, they will probably accept the other. Still, it’s weird when companies make a change to their network The News The Spark Business cards will be moving from the Visa […]

Capital One Reducing Credit Card Limits

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we are in a financial recession. While this recession is different than most that we’ve experienced, the financial institutions also have to cover themselves. In a predictable move, that also means that some people will see some adverse action (AA) on their accounts. The News Capital […]

Capital One Venture and Savor Cards Can Earn 5x on UberEATS (Limited Time)

As this pandemic gets extended out, the one constant here is that we as humans need food. While so many credit card companies are offering incentives for grocery shopping, not that many are offering much more than that. While making food at home is great and all, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to just go out […]

Capital One Adds Price Protection to Their World/World Elite Mastercards

One of best reasons to advocate for people using credit cards vs cash or debit are the benefits that it offers. With a credit card, you could potentially be protected if you lose the item, it gets stolen, or even damaged. Up until last year, there was one more amazing benefit too, price protection. Price […]

Walmart Launching Walmart+ Credit Card

At this point in the game, Amazon, with its Prime service, is the one to beat. Walmart probably has the best shot at doing so. They are currently playing around with the idea of “Delivery Unlimited”, which allows for unlimited grocery delivery at a price of $13 a month or $98 for the yearly subscription.  […]

Capital One Discontinues Qatar and Hainan Partnership

With these travel restrictions in place, I’m not sure that this news really matters right this second, but Capital One has graced us with some negative news regarding its transfer partners moving forward.  The News Starting on May 13th, Capital One is going to terminate its transferability with both Qatar and Hainan. Both of these […]

Capital One Savor Extended Vivid Seat Partnership Until 2022

One of my least favorite trends in the credit card game recently has been limited time partnerships. Partnerships to the point where we know that will only last a year or two. Do I really consider this a benefit to the credit card? Is the credit card worth keeping without this partnership? I always have […]

Capital One Adds Gift Card Redemptions Again

The entire point of having a credit card that earns a ton of points is to redeem them for the most valuable thing. With many people being in a tough financial situation, it makes sense that people may instead of for things that can get them through the day to day operations of life, like […]