British Airways Credit Card Offering New Tax Credits and Reward Categories

British Airways on the Ground

Traveling to London is such an interesting thing to do. It feels very much familiar, yet, it feels just a little bit foreign. It’s the perfect place to start when you traveling internationally. However, there is one pretty annoying thing about flying there, and that is the amount of money that is added to an […]

Chase Adds Emirates as a Transfer Partner

When you do something a more and more, you tend to down play how big of an accomplishment something may be. When you have 10 transfer partners, is the 11th one the biggest deal? Chase doesn’t seem to think so, as there was any sort of formal announcement of this deal from either party! The […]

Chase Freedom /Freedom Unlimited Increased Sign Up Bonus

While it’s a lot more exciting to talk about Chase’s Sapphire Reserve, there wouldn’t be a Chase trifecta without the two core cards, the Freedom and the Freedom Unlimited. Both freedom cards are great for handling the large bulk of your credit card purchases. It wouldn’t be a bad thing then, if they are both […]

The United Club Card Now Has a 25% Rebate on In Flight Purchases

The United Club card has a whopping $450 annual fee, and offers a slew of different benefits. The most obvious benefit of course includes access to the United Club lounges. Yet, there are some key things that were really keeping this card from being the desirable card it could be.  The Change We are seeing […]

Chase Pay App Closing in Early 2020

One of the biggest crazes in technology in 2018 involved different payment methods. Specifically, every company wanted to get some market share of having their own “pay” app. Chase, funny enough, was actually one of their first ones to market. However, that didn’t really do them much good, as their method of payment was a […]

Chase Freedom Unlimited 4% Targeted Offer

Just when you thought that the 3% offer on the Chase Freedom Unlimited for the first year was a crazy proposition, Chase has one upped itself, by offering an even higher sign up bonus.  The Offer Keep in mind, this is a targeted offer that is only available through email. If you’re interested, make sure […]

Chase Trifecta/Quadfecta Explained in Depth

3 different vials

When it comes to credit card setups, the Chase setup is the most discussed one. Depending on the cards you are eligible for, it could either consist of three or four different cards. Before getting into detail, there are some things that you should know about.  Chase’s 5/24 Rule  Before applying for any Chase credit […]

Chase is Closing Credit Cards With One Year of Inactivity

When it comes to your credit score, it’s important to keep credit cards open, even if you don’t use it all that much. While that credit card will stay on your credit report for 10 years, unless you have enough credit cards to counter the negative impacts of that card, your credit score will drop […]

Chase Starbucks Increased Sign Up Bonus

For better or worse, whenever you hear people talk about budgets, they always refer to cutting Starbucks out of your life. While it can understandably be an large expense if you go often, there are ways that you can still enjoy your coffee and drink it too. One of the those ways, for my coffee […]