Citi Loses Garuda Indonesia As a Transfer Partner

Can I just ask the simple question, what is Citi doing?? While there are glimmers of good news from them here and there, we just keep getting bad news. It looks like travel protections isn’t the only thing they are losing, but the are also losing transfer partners!  The News This one was a little […]

Citi Premier 70,000 Point Targeted Sign Up Bonus

My favorite types of offers are quickly becoming those targeted offers. They are like a secret that the public only wishes they knew about. What makes it difficult is that they always come at a time when the public offer is doing an increased sign up bonus too. It’s almost like everybody wins, but some […]

Citi Will Exclude Gift Card Purchases From Earning Points (Double Cash)

Just a few days prior, American Express made some changes to its terms on some of its cards that excluded gift cards from earning points. This was always a concern when it came to the sign up bonus, however was never an issue when it just came to regularly spending on the card. With American […]

Citi Rewards+ Increased Sign Up Bonus (Targeted)

Check the mailboxes for any Citi related mailers! They are out here advertising an increased sign up bonus on a card that normally does not even have a sign up bonus to begin with.   The Offer Normally, the Rewards+ does not have a sign up bonus. However, in this targeted offer, you can earn […]

Citi Double Cash Users Will Be Able to Convert Cashback to ThankYou Points

Recently there was some pretty negative news when it comes to Citi credit cards. They are removing a ton of benefits from most of their credit cards. Both the Double Cash and the Dividend get it the worst, with the loss of price protection and warranty protection. Still, Citi may have found a way for […]

Citi Gives $200 Annual Credit to Subscriptions for Citigold Members

Why does it seem like the rich get richer? Because they don’t pay for things as most of us would. This would be one of those instances where it’s absolutely true! It looks like Citi has added another benefit for those that are Citigold members (reserved for those individuals that have $200,000 invested in Citi). […]

Citi Launches Pay With Points (0.8 cents per Point)

When it comes to traveling, credit card points can really help people take vacations that they couldn’t normally afford. That’s my personal favorite part about points in any case! But what if you either don’t travel too much, or don’t have any travel plans for a while (2 years +)? Ideally, I would say you […]

Citi Increased Premier Sign Up Bonus to 60,000 Points with Annual Fee

Citi has been playing around with the sign up bonus on their cards for a while now, including waiving and not waiving the annual fee. They have decided on increasing the sign up bonus itself now. The Change The sign up bonus on the Citi Premier has been increased from 50,000 points up to 60,000 […]

American Airline is Removing Award Charts, Will Switch to Dynamic Pricing

American Airlines Landing

Recently both Delta and United Airlines have switched over from an Award Chart over to Dynamic Pricing. This is bad news, not only because it makes it harder to accurately plan trip costs, but it also removes accountability to keep prices reasonable as it gets rid of transparency when it comes to award bookings. The […]

American Airlines Changes Oversized Baggage Rules

Have you ever traveled with some oversized sporting equipment, such as a surfboard and skis? What about a musical instrument? Have you ever lamented at the huge fee you had to pay when doing so? Traveling for you might get a little bit cheaper, with American Airline’s New policy! The News According to American Airlines, […]