Citi Spending Bonuses (Targeted)

Outside of having a credit card with good reward categories, what’s the next best way to get people to spend money on your particular credit card? Spending bonuses! And when it comes to spending bonuses, Citi always seems to have some promotion running. And true to my word, here are details of another one. The […]

Citi is the New Wayfair Partner

Interior Decoration

We just recently wrote about how Commenity was shutting down most Wayfair cards. It seems like a few people got lucky and didn’t get closed out, but for the most part, if you happen to have the older card, you’re most likely out of luck. However, the replacement cards are now on their way! The […]

Citi Canceling cards for those with Shutdown American Airlines Accounts

American Airlines

It’s been quite a long time now, but almost a year ago American Airlines started taking action against people that were abusing the credit card sign up bonuses. They were able to open up fake accounts under fake names, grab the sign up bonuses, and transfer the points to their main loyalty account. From there, […]

Citi Virtual Account Page No Longer Using Flash

One of the most underrated features that some credit card offer is a virtual account number. This is a randomly generated credit card number that is linked to your account. From there, you can use that randomly generated number for websites or other places where you don’t feel safe giving them your real credit card […]

Citi Sears Card New Spending Offer

Sears Tower

While it’s easy to believe that Sears is dead after their bankruptcy in 2018, the store card is going strong. In fact, I would argue that it’s actually one of the best store cards you can actually pick up! Why is that? It just has to do with the constant offers on the card! This […]

Citi ThankYou Points Can be Used Towards Minimum Payments

Don’t you just hate when you are earning rewards for all of your purchases that you’re making that month, and realize you actually can’t redeem any of the rewards towards the minimum? Why can’t I use my points to knock off the $5 in cash back that I earned from using the card? Well, Citi […]

Citi Offering 5-10x on Select Categories

Is it just me or is Citi really trying to come up with a ton of different offers for people to use their credit cards? At this point it feels like there is constantly a promotion! Though is that really a bad thing, for their customers to use their cards? Keep in mind, this is […]

Earn 5x on Citi Prestige for Online Purchases (Limited Time)

Not too long ago, Citi made a change to their Prestige card to allow cardholders to use their $250 travel credit for supermarkets and restaurants. They are now offering another limited time change that should hopefully give the Prestige cardholders some more value to their card. The News Citi is offering 5x per dollar spent […]

Citi Announces Q3 2020 5% Rotating Categories for Citi Dividend

While you can’t directly apply for this card anymore, the Citi Dividend is still out here providing 5% back for purchases so long as they are within their respective rotating category. Citi has just announced the categories for Q3 of 2020. The Categories The categories for Q3 of 2020 include Home Improvement Stores and Streaming […]

Citi Offering 10x For Shopping, Groceries, and Gas (Targeted)

Why does it seem like we’re talking about only Citi the last few days? Well, they are the ones that are out here really trying hard to get you to use their cards, with these increased point bonuses. If you didn’t have either a Prestige or Premier, maybe you can still join in on the […]