American Airlines Cracking Down on Credit Card Reward Abuse

American Airlines

American Airlines seems to be taking some pretty serious action on anyone they deem may be abusing their credit cards and point programs. While we don’t know exactly with 100% certainty what is triggering these actions, we do have a pretty good idea of what you can avoid doing to keep your account safe. The […]

Citi Adds Large Purchase Notifier In App

What’s the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you when you go to the store? How about having a huge line behind you and the cashier yelling out that you card has been declined? While it may happen from time to time for a number of reasons, it can certainly throw you off, especially […]

Citi Adds Aeromexico as Transfer Partner

In my opinion, the absolute best part about the credit card game is earning points to use for travel, spending money on things you would have spent money on anyway. The best value will almost always be in the form of transferring points to a transfer partner. It looks like those of you invested in […]

Citi Dividend 2020 Q1 and Q2 Categories

Along with Chase and Discover, Citi also has its own 5% rotating category card. There is a slight twist on the Dividend that I always find pretty interesting though. While both Chase and Discover limit you to a maximum spend of $1,500 per quarter, Citi lets you spend the complete $6,000 within just one quarter. […]

Citi American Airlines Business 75k Miles Increased Sign Up Bonus

American Airlines Landing

When it comes to American Airlines, there are a ton of different options you have when you’re picking a credit card. For starters, you could go either the Citi or Barclays route. Then from there, you could go either personal or business. If you are looking for a business credit card, this may be the […]

American Airlines Creates SimplyMiles Offers

American Airlines

Are you an American Airlines credit card holder? It doesn’t matter if it’s a Barclays or a Citi credit card, but American Airlines has introduced a new program for you to get some more value out of your credit card! The Program If you have an American Airlines credit card, you can sign up for […]

Cathay Pacific Awards Now Bookable Through American Airlines

American Airlines Landing

When it comes to traveling, the best way to do so is through the use of points. The points earned can be used to book flights, hotels, and even different experiences, making the overall trip much cheaper. How great is it then, when points can be used to work together in a different program?  The […]

Citi Double Cash Dollars Officially Transferable to ThankYou Points at 1:1

Just a couple of weeks ago, we reported that Citi will soon be allowing people with the Double Cash credit card the ability to turn its reward dollars into ThankYou points. As of September 23rd, 2019, that looks like its the case! With the official launch of this ability, there are some additional details that […]

Citi Loses Garuda Indonesia As a Transfer Partner

Can I just ask the simple question, what is Citi doing?? While there are glimmers of good news from them here and there, we just keep getting bad news. It looks like travel protections isn’t the only thing they are losing, but the are also losing transfer partners!  The News This one was a little […]

Citi Premier 70,000 Point Targeted Sign Up Bonus

My favorite types of offers are quickly becoming those targeted offers. They are like a secret that the public only wishes they knew about. What makes it difficult is that they always come at a time when the public offer is doing an increased sign up bonus too. It’s almost like everybody wins, but some […]