Discover Adds Ability to Redeem Points for Gas and Restaurants

Gas Pump

We’ve written plenty about how some credit card companies are making things more convenient and more accessible to their customers recently with the coronavirus changes. However, we haven’t really heard about Discover doing too much. That is, until now. The News Discover has added the ability to redeem your Discover IT Miles on gas and […]

Discover IT Miles Referral Bonus Extended

The Discover IT Miles card has always been an interesting card. Most of Discover’s card happen to fall into a 5% rotating category card. However, this card actually earns 1.5% back on all of your purchases. In a way, if you aren’t interesting in the rotating categories, then this would actually earn more than the […]

Discover Adds a Category to Discover IT for Q2 2020

As much as I will bag on Chase for not releasing their Freedom’s rotating categories until 2 weeks before the beginning of the quarter, that approach certainly has its advantages over Citi and Discovers approach. Discover in particular announced their 2020 categories at the end of 2019. Spring and Summer is supposed to be the […]

Discover Adds Clarity to Referral Bonuses

I love nothing more than helping my friends and family in need. Even better, is when I also get rewarded for that help too! Now I’m not saying I only help out because I expect anything in return, but still, it does help. When it comes to Discover and referring people to their cards, there […]

Q2 5% Catgories for Chase, Discover, Citi

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With the 5% category for the Chase Freedom announced, we thought we would do a slight recap on some of the most popular 5% rotating category cards, and what their Q2 categories are. The most popular of these cards include the Chase Freedom, Discover IT, and Citi Dividend. The Categories The 5% categories for these […]

Comenity True Value Discover Credit Card to Be Discontinued

You may be surprised to find out that Discover happens to have a ew cards outside of just their core base cards. Discover not only has some additional co-branded debit cards, but also some credit cards too. Well, in the near future, Discover will only offer co-branded debit cards. The News For those who happened […]

Discover Rewards Can Be Redeemed on Paypal

If you are a current Discover card holder, Discover has entered a new partnership that could make the points you earn be even more flexible. The Partnership Discover and PayPal have teamed up to allow the redemption of Discover Rewards through PayPal. In order to do so, you’ll have to link your PayPal account to […]

Discover Announces 2020 Calendar

When it comes to Discover, the majority of their cards offer a 5% rotating category. This means that every 3 months (or every quarter), you can earn 5% back in the category that is outlined. When it comes to Discover, they like to announce their categories ahead of time, and release the entire year at […]

Discover IT Adds categories to Q3 and Q4

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While most credit card have pretty structured reward categories, the Discover IT card has rotating categories. This means that every 3 months (every quarter), the 5% category changes at Discover’s discretion. Unlike the Chase Freedom card, which has a similar reward structure, we know ahead of time what the reward categories will be. While we already had a list of the categories for Q3 and Q4 of 2019, it looks like Discover is adding to those lists.