X1 Credit Card Launches

When new credit cards from the big banks launch, it is hardly news. Generally, those same cards have been leaked for months, and everyone has already offered their complete analysis before anyone actually receives the card. However when cards from new players launch, it’s always exciting to me. Is this something that can disrupt the […]

Global Entry Enrollment Centers Are Officially Open

Seat of an Airplane

When it comes to the airport, people are always looking for ways to circumvent the lines anyway that they possibly can. There are certainly many lines, and different programs for each of them. When coming back to the United States from a foreign country, one of the best ways to avoid lines is having Global […]

MyTransUnion App Shutting Down

Although this news may not be directly deal with a particular credit card, I felt that it is pretty important to share. As TransUnion is one of the three credit bureaus that determines if we get approved for credit, it’s important that we keep our credit report clean and frozen if we aren’t applying for […]

Grand Reserve Mastercard 50k Offer

I am not going to lie, when it comes to alcohol, my drink of choice is usually some form of  wine. I just don’t like the bitterness or most beers, and so I steer clear and choose some wine on the sweeter side. Plus, it looks so much more fancy to drink out of a […]

FNBO Launches New Ford Credit Card

As much as I hate to say it, there are a ton of people out there that are incredibly loyal to their car brand of choice. There have been credit cards out there for owners of Mercedes, BMW, and others. Would you be excited if I told you that Ford owners are now going to […]

Paypal Launches Virtual Card Numbers – Paypal Key

There is no doubt that Paypal as a company changed the way we buy things online. I would go so far as to argue that it made people more trustworthy of actually buying things online with its implementation through ebay. Even with newer apps and programs out there right now, it also houses a network […]

Charles Schwab Removes Hard Pulls For New Checking/Brokerage Accounts

Is it just me, or has Charles Schwab been making some pretty consumer friendly moves in the last year? It’s no secret that millennials will soon be the largest group of people, and attracting them is only in their best interest. It seems like them trying to compete with Robinhood and other smaller online brokerages […]

Fidelity 2% Credit Card Lowers Minimum Cashout Redemption to $25

When it comes to credit card strategies, the most overlooked, but most important card is the catch all card. While having a card with 5x categories are always fun to talk about brag about, that 5x category probably isn’t your biggest expense every month. Generally, the biggest expense does not fall into any category, and […]

Fidelity 2% Credit Card has a $300 Sign Up Bonus Offer (Targeted)

Fidelity is one of the three most well known brokerages out there including Vangaurd and Charles Schwab. While Fidelity may not be able to compete with Charles Schwab, and their partnership with American Express to get their own branded Platinum card, Fidelity does have its own catch all 2% card. While there is a little […]