Visa Infinite Airline Credit is Dead

When it comes to credit card benefits, I don’t think you could really argue that there is a better benefit than the Visa Infinite credit. Of course, I am talking about the $100 discount when buying 2 or more round trip domestic tickets offered on a very small number of credit cards. While we knew […]

HSBC Adds Emirates as A Transfer Partner

When it comes to transferring partners, which company comes to mind? Is it Chase? American Express? Maybe even Citi or Capital One. In this article we talk about another bank that almost never gets any recognition for this, but do still offer transfer partners. If you happen to have a point earning HSBC card, you […]

Popular Bank Shutting Down Some Avianca Card Accounts

What’s worse then getting declined for a card? Getting approved for a card and thinking you’re in the clear, only to get asked for some additional documentation, and have your account closed. The worst part about it is that the banks will almost never tell you the real reason. Unfortunately, some people are going through […]

Plastiq No Longer Accepting Prepaid Debit Cards

I’ve got some bad news for those of you that are in the market of manufactured spending. While not as common anymore, there are still plenty of people that buy gift cards in large quantities hoping to redeem them to get some free points. One of the ways people were doing so was through Plastiq, […]

Best Westerns Devalues Points

When it comes to the credit card community, the hotels programs of choice include: Hyatt, IHG, Hilton, and Marriott. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t far reaching hotel programs that are worth talking about. This time, we look at Best Western, as they have made a pretty negative change in the way the points […]

All Kroger Stores Will Now Accept Visa

If I’m being honest here, this piece is a more self serving one. However, for those of you that have had to deal with Kroger, Smiths, or any other similar brand of stores banning the use of Visa credit cards, this is for you. For the better part of a year, Visa credit cards were […]

Lyft Launches Reward Program Called Lyft Pink

On the tail end of the Uber credit card making some major changes, it’s interesting to note that Lyft has launched its membership reward program! The Details $20 per month 15% off all rides 3 Complimentary bike or scooter rides (30 minutes max) per month Priority airport pick ups 3 free cancellations per month no […]

Visa to Launch Visa Infinite Business Cards in the US

Handshake with Business Partner

When it comes to Visa, there are a few different levels of credit cards that they offer. The first of course is just a regular Visa card, the second is the Visa Signature, and the final Is the Visa Infinite. The signature offers more protections and benefits over the regular Visa cards and can be […]

Square Payment Processor is Changing Fee Structure

If you frequent small businesses, you may have noticed an interesting type of point of service machine when you try to pay. Most likely, the unusual type of point of service machine is run by Square. This service is great for small businesses especially because it can help keep costs down, both installation and running […]

Audi Exclusive Silver Car Creates Loyalty Program

Just as any other industry out there, it’s becoming a trend to try and “disrupt” it. Maybe I’m just a little cynical, but a lot of big businesses operate the same way today as they did even 20 years ago. With the advent of the internet and mobile phones, new ideas of integration come into […]