Penfed Offering $15 Credit For Streaming Services (Targeted)

Penfed has recently sent out an email that they are offering a pretty good deal for those of us that are stuck at home, the details are as follows.  The News This offer has been sent out via email. The offer includes a $15 credit for any sort of streaming services when you use your […]

Penfed to Acquire NRA Card From FNBO

Do you remember the NRA card from a few years back? It looks like we have a buyer for the portfolio.  The Change On April 24, 2020, Penfed will officially take over the NRA credit card brand. When it switches over to Penfed from FNBO, the card wil change. People who currently have the card […]

PenFed Pathfinder Changes (Amex to Visa)

A path in the forest

Recently, we wrote about Penfed not allowing any new applications for the Pathfinder. If you went to the landing page, it would state that you will soon be able to apply for the card again after they refresh it. While not officially open to new applications yet, we’ve found out a little bit more of […]

Penfed Defines More Actions as Cash Advances

Stressed Pencil Biting

It’s no surprise that more and more banks are catching on to manufactured spending. In an effort to not only protect themselves from having to pay out too many rewards, they are also trying to cover themselves from other risky situations such as money laundering. As much as we may think one or more of […]

Penfed Pathfinder Rewards Refresh Incoming

For those of you that are interested in Pentagon Federal credit cards, you will have one less option for the time being. Penfed is no longer accepting new applications for the Amex Pathfinder card. Landing page state that refresh is coming in early 2020 Card Summary $0 annual fee,  4x travel through Penfed Honors Advantage […]