Harbor Freight Launches a New Credit Card

When it comes to my own personal life, Harbor Fright is a pretty useful store. When you maintain older cars on your own, some things from Harbor Fright can really make a big difference, such as low profile jacks for the low cars or electronic sensor testers that can only be found there. If you’re […]

Amex and PayPal/Venmo Partnership

Whenever you go out with friends, how is the bill generally paid? Do you like to get separate checks, or does one person generally pay for the entire bill, and then that person sends out Venmo requests to the other parties involved? For the last couple of years, I’ve done the later, and actually use […]

Discover Rewards Can Be Redeemed on Paypal

If you are a current Discover card holder, Discover has entered a new partnership that could make the points you earn be even more flexible. The Partnership Discover and PayPal have teamed up to allow the redemption of Discover Rewards through PayPal. In order to do so, you’ll have to link your PayPal account to […]

Cathay Pacific Miles Will No Longer Expire With Activity

Judging by the headline of this article, it would be easy to assume that there is only a positive change going on here. I’m here to tell you that it’s not quite so easy.  The Changes Currently, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles expire after 36 months of earning them no matter what you may do. As […]

Synchrony Launches Norwegian Airline Credit Card

2019 marked a very tough year for some ultra low cost carriers. We saw the likes of Thomas Cook, WOW Airlines, and even Primera Air all disappearing. Domestically, we see Spirit and Frontier being two front runners in the low cost game, one is holding on in the international front, and that would be Norwegian […]

PayPal and Synchrony Will Create a Venmo Card in 2020

Have you ever looked at the PayPal offered credit cards and wished you could have something like that for yourself? What if you only have a Venmo account, but don’t necessarily need a PayPal account? If you can wait until 2020, you may be in luck! The News It looks like PayPal and Venmo are […]

Paypal Credit Card Offering 4% As a Sign Up Bonus (Targeted)

For those of you out there that are looking at getting a catch-all cash back credit card, the PayPal credit card is making more of a cash for itself through a targeted offer. The Offer The standard earning rate on the better catch-all cards are 2%, and that’s usually what the PayPal credit card gives […]

Synchrony’s New 2% Credit Card – Max Plusmore

Laptop with Graphics

Are you looking for a 2% credit card, but are tired of the boring mundane PayPal card or Citi DoubleCash? What if you were to get something so exclusive, it still isn’t even available publicly yet? Look no further than the Max Plusmore The News While we have heard of people getting mailers for this […]

Cathay Pacific Awards Now Bookable Through American Airlines

American Airlines Landing

When it comes to traveling, the best way to do so is through the use of points. The points earned can be used to book flights, hotels, and even different experiences, making the overall trip much cheaper. How great is it then, when points can be used to work together in a different program?  The […]

Cathay Pacific Credit Card 50,000 Sign Up Bonus

The Offer The sign up bonus on the Cathay Pacific card is split up into two different tiers which are broken down below: 30,000 Miles: spend $2,000 within the first 3 months  20,000 more miles: spend an additional $6,000 within the first 6 months. This works out to a total of 50,000 miles fr spending […]