REI Credit Card Changes

Surprisingly, when it comes to sports or other outdoor activities, there aren’t too many options out there. Of course you’ve got Bass Pro Shop and Cabalas, but outside of just a few others, that would be about it. If you do happen to frequent the REI stores, then there are some pretty big changes coming […]

U.S. Bank Business Cash $500 Sign Up Bonus

Luckily for those that care about staying under 5/24, all U.S. Bank business cards do not report to the credit bureaus. Previously called the Business Cash Edge card, the Business cash card from U.S. Bank is offering an increased sign up bonus. The Offer The offer can be found by clicking here. The standard sign […]

Radisson Rewards Business Card No Longer Available Online

If you have been interested in getting the Radisson Rewards credit card from U.S. bank, it looks like you’re going to have to work a little bit harder to get it. If you try to visit the direct link, it will no longer work, stating that the offer has expired. If you visit the page offering the Radisson cards, they only show the two personal credit cards. For the time being, if you want to apply for the card, you will have to do it in branch.

U.S. Bank Removed Pre Qualification Tool

One of the best approaches you can take before applying for a credit card is by doing a prequalification check. These tools not only give you an idea if you are going to be approved for a credit card or not, but they also avoid staining your credit report with a hard inquiry for that […]

U.S. Bank Offering a Targeted Spending Bonus for Radisson Hotels

Radisson in Poland

U.S. Bank is the issuer for the Radisson Hotel Credit card, and as such, they are offering some spending bonuses to some people. You may want to check those email inboxes for this offer! The Offer Keep in mind that this is a targeted offer with no direct link. However, if you do receive an […]

Radisson Rewards Visa Offers All Time High Sign Up Bonus

Radisson in Poland

When it comes to hotel credit cards, it seems that the biggest players are Marriott, Hilton, and to a lesser extent, Hyatt. Rarely do we cover some of the other hotel chains that offer credit cards. But, it looks like Radisson is offering a sign up bonus. Not just any bonus though, an all time […]