New BMW and Mini Credit Card from U.S. Bank

Not too long ago, U.S. Bank took over the BMW and Mini portfolio, however, we have not received any sort of update for the cards since. We were supposed to receive a refresh to the cards back in January of 2020, however, that quickly vanished. Well, finally,  7 months later, it seems like we are […]

US Bank’s Altitude Go is Now Live

A few months back, we reported that U.S. Bank was thinking about launching two different cards with the Altitude branding. While I was expecting they would launch both at the same time, it’s looking like we are only getting one at this time. Still, the Altitude Go is now live! Card Summary The Altitude Go […]

US Bank Altitude Reserve Travel Credit Can be Used for Dining at 3x

With Coronavirus wreaking havoc on the travel industry, the premium travel credit cards like the Platinum Card from American Express, The Sapphire Reserve from Chase, and even the Altitude Reserve card from US Bank needed to find a way to keep its customers around. What’s the point of spending a lot of money for a […]

Potential Trick To Become Eligible for Altitude Reserve

Airplane Flying

The Altitude Reserve card for U.S. Bank is their ultimate travel credit card. Inspired from the Sapphire Reserve, it has many features that are similar to the Sapphire Reserve. That makes it perfect for those out there that either aren’t eligible for the Sapphire Reserve, or want some of the features that the Altitude Reserve […]

US Bank Leverage Business Card $750 Sign Up Bonus

Business Startup Notebook

In times like this, if you are a business that is still staying open, or better yet, one that will survive this closedown, you’re in pretty good shape. US Bank then, has a pretty good offer for businesses right now.  The News If you are able to spend $7,500 within the first 4 months, you […]

US Bank Will Launch Two New Altitude Cards

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After reading this headline, one of two things is probably going on through your head. Either 1) another US Bank article?? Or 2) you jut posed about two different US Bank Alititude cards yesterday! Did they launch them both? Or what’s the deal?  If you were thinking 1), then you are absolutely right. The news […]

US Bank Sends Out Survey About Altitude Reserve

Recently, US Bank has made a few different changes to some of their cards including discontinuing some cards to new applicants. We thought the Altitude Reserve would be free from any sort of negative changes. This new survey from US Bank give us a good insight onto what’s going through US Bank’s mind. The Survey […]

US Bank Devalues Real Time Flexperks Rewards to 1 cent per point

Stressed Pencil Biting

We recently wrote about how the Flexperk credit cards (with the exception of the Gold Flexperk card) were no longer accepting new applications. It looks like there will be another change to the Flexperk program… this is going to be a negative one. The Changes Previously, the Flexperk points were worth 1.5 cents per point. […]

US Bank Altitude Reserve Now Earns 5x Points

Well, just a day after we find out that US Bank was discontinuing its Flexperk cards, they are making a change to their premium travel credit card – the Altitude Reserve. The Changes There will be a new category added to the Altitude Reserve card. This will be 5x on prepaid hotels and car rentals […]