The United Club Card Now Has a 25% Rebate on In Flight Purchases

The United Club card has a whopping $450 annual fee, and offers a slew of different benefits. The most obvious benefit of course includes access to the United Club lounges. Yet, there are some key things that were really keeping this card from being the desirable card it could be. 

The Change

We are seeing reports of people with the United Club card getting a 25% rebate on their inflight food and beverage purchases. This was previously not offered on the card and interestingly enough, is still not advertised benefit. 

Final Thoughts

Just a few months back, United was verbal about how they believe the Sapphire Reserve card has killed business for them and their own personal line of credit cards. Yet, if you ask me, it’s little things like this that make their cards undesirable. The $95 Explorer card offers inflight rebate for food and beverages, so how come the $450 annual fee card didn’t offer this benefit? 

While the Sapphire Reserve is a very rewarding card, it begs the question as to what sort of incentives United offers on their credit cards, and why people don’t value them as much. I think changes like this are a step in the right direction, but should have been a no brainer. Let’s see how United continues to shape these cards in the future.

What do you think about changes like these? Should United add any other benefit to its Club Card? Let us know down in the comments below!

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