U.S. Bank Removed Pre Qualification Tool

One of the best approaches you can take before applying for a credit card is by doing a prequalification check. These tools not only give you an idea if you are going to be approved for a credit card or not, but they also avoid staining your credit report with a hard inquiry for that knowledge. It seems that U.S. Bank is making some changes to its own tool.

The News

While the pre-qualification tool was a tool that was pretty heavily advertised on its page, it looks like that may no longer be a priority. For some reason, the U.S. bank has gotten rid of its pre qualification tool! 

Final Thoughts

It seems like such a weird thing to do, I would imagine all banks would like its customers to go into applications with some confidence that they are going to get approved for a card, especially if they weren’t even considering they would be getting approved for a card. Not too long ago, even American Express even brought back the tracker for their business cards, so it seems strange U.S. bank would get rid of theirs.

If you absolutely want to get pre-qualified, you can still go into a branch to see if you are qualified for any of their products. 

What do you think of this move? Do you want to see the tracker back up? Let us know below!

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