United Airline Points Will No Longer Expire

Am I the only one here that thinks United has been making changes to its program the last few months to bring people to use their credit card again? Not too long ago, United complained to Chase that the Sapphire Reserve was killing their business, and not that many people were using their United cards. Could it be, that the program itself could have used a few improvements, and United is trying things out one by one to see what sticks? They’ve made their last round of improves recently. 

The Change

Previously, United points would expire after 18 months of non-use or earning. They have moved to a system where the points no longer expire. In addition, United is offering members the ability to buy expired miles for a 30% discount. 

Final Thoughts

I’m telling you, United was out here complaining that people weren’t using their credit cards not too long ago, but then had policies like this in place. United isn’t even making a groundbreaking policy move here as both Delta and JetBlue already had points that never expire. As they keep making obvious improvements to their program, they will get followers to come back, or even new loyal ones to sign up and start using their program! 

Have the improvements United made the last few months been enough to bring you back into the program, or want to sign up? Let us know down in the comments below. 

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