United Cards Extending Max Number of Premium Qualifying Points That Can Be Earned

Don’t you just hate when you are trying to earn United’s Premier Qualifying Points (PQP), but there is a cap in the way? Currently, you can earn a total of 1,000 PQP after spending a total of $24,000. But what if that isn’t enough? United has a new promotion that would be right up your alley.

The News

Chase and United have it possible to earn more PQP within a given year. The breakdown is as follows:

 ExistingNew AdditionNew Total Earning Potential
United: Explorer, Explorer Business, Business500 PQP for every $12k , maximum of 1,000 PQPAdditional 500 PQP for every $12k, maximum of 1,000 PQP2,000 PQP
United: Club, Club Business, Club Infinite500 PQP for every $12k, maximum of 1,000 PQPAdditional 500 PQP for every $12k, maximum of 3,000 PQP4,000 PQP

As a recap, this basically doubles the amount of PQP you could earn for the United Explorer, Explorer Business, and Business cards. If you hold the United Club, Club Business, or Club Infinite card, you would be able to earn up to 4x the amount of PQP.

Final Thoughts

I realize that earning additional PQP through this method will cost a ton of money. With the lack of spending happening right now from a large part of the country, I think these offers are pretty hard to justify. Maxing out the first offer will require a spend of $48k. The second offer will require a total spend of $96k! Those are just massive numbers for just about everyone, even if you’re filthy rich.

But hey, if you do happen to be filthy rich to be able to drop that kind of money just to earn PQP, then more power to you. This would be your opportunity to earn even more within a one year span!

Are you one of those lucky enough to be able to put this kind of spend on your card to earn PQP? Let us know your plans down in the comment section below!

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