United Consolidates Upgrade Programs Into PlusPoints

United currently has two programs for upgrades if you are either a Platinum or 1k member. These are both the Regional Premier Upgrade program and the Global Premier Upgrade Program. Starting December 4th, United will launch a new program.

The Program Details

The new program will be called PointsPlus. It’s pretty similar to the system that is currently in place, but here is the breakdown anyway.

  • 1 Regional Premier Upgrade Point = 20 PlusPoints
  • 1 Global Premier Upgrade = 40 PlusPoints

As far as earning is concerned, here is some additional information.

  • Reaching Platinum Status: 40 PlusPoints
  • Reaching 1k or GS: Earn 280 Points, plus every $25,000 will net you 40 points

When it comes time to redeem these points, 20 PointsPlus points will get you a North American flight in any cabin whereas 40 PlusPoints will get you an international long haul up to the Polaris Business class. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the changes here are pretty good. While the program itself is staying pretty much the same, it gives the users more options when it comes time to redeeming. Additionally, having so many acronyms can get confusing, so I think it’s great that they will stick under common name.

Have you ever used either of United’s upgrading program? Let us know your experience down in the comment section below. 

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