United Increases Price for Club Membership

Do you happen to fly on United airlines a lot? What if you travel for business frequently and your company prefers you fly on United? Chance are that you’ve considered the United Club Lounge Access if you don’t already have it. Well, there is a negative change coming that you may have to consider. 

The Change

Starting on August 13th, United will increase the price of their club membership. As of right now, the price is $550, or 70,000 points per year. It will be increased to $650 or 85,000 points. 

On the plus side, there will no longer be a $50 United Club Initiation fee. 

Final Thoughts

The cheapest, and I think the best way to get United Club is by holding onto the Chase United Club card, which has a $450 annual fee. Not only do you get access to the club for less than you would through cash or points, but you would also have access to a credit card that rewards you on your United purchases. 

If you were ineligible for the Chase card, the next best way to get Club access would be by paying the cash rate. If you value the United points at 1.3 cents per point, 85,000 points would be the same as $1,190; almost double would it would have cost with cash. 

Either way, it’s annoying that they are increasing the fee, lets hope that the annual fee on the card stays the same. 

Are you still keeping your club access after the increase in annual fee? Let us know below!

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