United Premier Qualification Changes Coming in 2020

When it comes to the airline industry, there are just so many acronyms and things you have to keep track of if you want to earn or maintain status! United is no different, and it looks like they are making a change to hopefully simplify things (a little bit anyway). 

The Details

In its current state, you could earn status with Premier Qualifying Miles or with a combination of Premium Qualifying Segments + Premier Qualifying Dollars . Starting in 2020, you will be able to earn status with a combination of Premier Qualifying points or premier qualifying flights. 

The way the new system will work is that you will earn 1 Premium Qualifying Point per dollar spent, and each flight will earn you one Premium Qualifying flight (regardless of which class you use, with basic economy being excluded).

The statuses will then be as follows:

Premier Silver: 5,000 Premium Qualifying Points, or a combination of 12 Premium Qualifying Flights and 4,000 Premium Qualifying Points.

Premium Gold: 10,000 Premium Qualifying Points or a combination of 24 Premium Qualifying Flights and 10,000 Premium Qualifying Points

Premium Platinum: 15,000 Premium Qualifying Points or a combination of 36 Premium Qualifying Flights and 12,000 Premium Qualifying Points

Premier 1k: 24,000 Premium Qualifying Points or a combination of 54 Premium Qualifying Flights and 18,000 Premium Qualifying Points 

Final Thoughts

While I don’t think this new is necessarily good news for most people, it does make sense from United’s point of view. For those individuals that spend the big bucks and buy expensive first class or business class tickets, it is pretty easy for them to rack up status just through the dollars spent, even if the threshold to earn the status is higher. The only other way to earn it moving forward will be by taking flights and spending a little bit less.

It looks pretty difficult to me to go about taking the huge number of flights and not just earning the Premium Qualifying points for the status anyway, but maybe there are just some opportunities available that I’m not seeing. 

Will these changes impact your status with United? Will you be able to earn status by the combination of flights and points without outright earning the points? Let us know down in the comment section below! 

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