US Bank to Discontinue Aeromexico Card – replace with Visa Signature Rewards

This has to be it, right? There’s no way we’re still going to get news from US Bank anytime soon. Even if we do, I’m going to have to cut off news for US Bank for at least a week. This is getting ridiculous! At least it doesn’t have to do with the core cards? 

The News

US Bank has sent a letter to existing card holders that the Aeromexico card will no longer be available. Any existing cardholders will be product changed to a Visa Signature Reward card. The new Visa Signature card will be set up as follows: 

  • 3x on gas stations and groceries
  • 2x on restaurants and clothing stores
  • 1x everywhere else

Final Thoughts

US Bank was no longer taking applications for this card back in the Fall of 2019. To be honest I’m surprised a change like this didn’t happen sooner. Usually when card partnerships end, they usually just transfer over everyone at the same time. Still, a shame for people that got value out of the old Aeromexico card. 

What do you think about the new card that every cardholder will get product changed too? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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