Visa Infinite Airline Credit is Dead

When it comes to credit card benefits, I don’t think you could really argue that there is a better benefit than the Visa Infinite credit. Of course, I am talking about the $100 discount when buying 2 or more round trip domestic tickets offered on a very small number of credit cards. While we knew a few cards that previously offered this benefit were getting rid of them, such as the Crystal National Bank Visa Infinite card, it seems like the benefit is now gone from every card that offered it.

The Change

While we knew a few cards were going to get rid of it, I don’t think many really knew what was going on. It was only apparent when the Ritz Carleton removed the benefit out of nowhere with this message:

“Effective 1/15/20, your Ritz Carlton Visa Infinite card no longer offers the Visa Discount Air benefit. Air itineraries booked via the Visa Discount Air Benefit Prior to 1/15/20 will still be honored and valid for travel. For full terms and conditions and FAQs, please visit If you need servicing on your existing Visa Discount Air itinerary, please contact the airlines directly for assistance as Concierge will no longer have access to your itinerary. Thank you”

If you go to Visa Infinite’s website, you’ll notice that the benefit is no longer appearing actively for any card, with the message “Visa Discount Air benefit will no longer be available to cardholders after 12/31/2019” 

Final Thoughts

It looks like what was once a great benefit reserved for the most exclusive card members, was something that became abused too much. With an unlimited number of possible flights, and with short haul flights being priced right around the $50 dollar range, this benefit saved people a ton of money while costing Visa a pretty penny. I’m sure this is exactly what killed this benefit. Still, it’s sad to really see it go. I would be lying if I said there weren’t a few different cards I was thinking about getting due to this benefit. 

Do you have a card that previously had the Visa Infinite Air Discount benefit on there? Were you able to use it? Let us know your experience with it in the comment section below.

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