Visa to Launch Visa Infinite Business Cards in the US

When it comes to Visa, there are a few different levels of credit cards that they offer. The first of course is just a regular Visa card, the second is the Visa Signature, and the final Is the Visa Infinite. The signature offers more protections and benefits over the regular Visa cards and can be obtained from most card issuers when the credit limit is above $5,000. The Visa infinite cards are the creme of the crop, offering even more benefits and protections, and are only offered on a few different cards. The most notable of Visa Infinite cards are probably the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Ritz Carleton cards. In some cases, these cards offer a $100 discount on round trip domestic flights, so they can be very valuable cards to have. 

On the business side of things, Visa also offers it’s Business and Business Signature cards. However, we have never seen a Business Infinite card from Visa in the United States.

The News

We have learned the Visa is now trying to bring the business infinite cards into the United States! With the Business Infinite cards, this are some of the features that Visa has said they will add to these cards:

  • Higher credit lines
  • Travel protections (trip delay, travel accident, travel emergency assistance)
  • Extended warranty
  • Accounting Software integration

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately there isn’t a $100 discount on round trip flights in that list! One could have only hoped. Other than that I don’t see anything too spectacular here, but it’s nice to see this sort of list of features anyway. At the very least, the travel protections are nice additions. 

There’s one more elephant in the room with this announcement. Does the possibility of a Business Infinite card from Visa open up the possibility of a Ink Reserve? I’m curious to see the way Chase plays this sort of news.

What do you think about Business Infinite cards and their features? Are you disappointed to not see the possibility of a $100 flight discount? What about the Ink Reserve? Let us know down in the comments below!

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