Walmart Launches Delivery Unlimited

You would think that you can only reinvent grocery shopping in so many ways now a days. The latest trend seems to be grocery store delivery, where you order your produce online, and someone assembles the order and delivers it directly to you. Walmart has jumped on the delivery train!

The Details

Walmart has its grocery delivery service, and it’s a part of Walmart grocery. Walmart grocery allows you to either pick up your order in the store or have it delivered for a charge of $10. 

Now, Walmart s changing up the price point. Either you can pay $13 a month, or $98 dollars per year for unlimited grocery delivery. The only catch here is that there must the order must be a minimum of $30. 

Final Thoughts

While personally, I don’t think I would trust someone else to pick up my produce for me (are the bananas bruised?) this sort of delivery service is definitely picking up some traction. Amazon has Amazon Prime Now, Target has Shipt, and a few other companies out there offer offer delivery services too. 

At the end of the day, I think these services are priced at a pretty good value. ~$100 for unlimited deliveries in a year could really save you some time. If you spend 1 hour grocery shopping a week, you’d get 52 extra hours of time to yourself, easily worth the $2 per hour for these kind of services.

Are you subscribed, or use any of these produce delivery service? What’s your experience with it? Let us know below!

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