Walmart Launching Walmart+ Credit Card

At this point in the game, Amazon, with its Prime service, is the one to beat. Walmart probably has the best shot at doing so. They are currently playing around with the idea of “Delivery Unlimited”, which allows for unlimited grocery delivery at a price of $13 a month or $98 for the yearly subscription. 

While that may be the initial reason people sign up for Prime, Walmart is planning something even more with its Walmart+ service. This will include: prescription discount, fuel savings, and a scan and go system.

The News

While the Walmart+ program is still in its testing stage, we have reason to believe that there will be a credit card launched at the same time for the program.

No official word yet, but rumors are that it will be issued by Capital One, and just like the Amazon cards, will probably require that you pay for the subscription to Walmart+. Maybe they’ll do something to where you wont earn as much if you don’t have the Walmart+ subscription?

Final Thoughts

I know a lot of people really love their Amazon Prime subscription. While I may not be one of those people, I can see that there is a ton of value to be had. Unfortunately, there aren’t many competitors to Prime, which allows Amazon to do as they please. I’m hopeful that Walmart+ does launch sometime soon, and does offer a ton of value for a large number of people. As a consumer, competition in the absolute best thing.

Lets hope Walmart+ launches soon, and we can get some more word on the accompanying card.

Is the Walmart+ service something you would consider signing up for? Do you think you’d end up getting the accompanying card? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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