Walmart to Offer One Day Shipping on Orders $35+

Undoubtedly, Amazon Prime’s most talked about feature is the ability to get a package is as little as two days. Back in April, Amazon spent close to $800 million dollars in order to build infrastructure to cut that time in half, down to 1 day shipping.

Walmart though, has been working on the online component of its store as well. Not too long ago they offered the same two day shipping on orders, but the key difference is that a subscription service is not required. Now, we have Walmart trying to match Amazon by offering 1 day shipping. The only catch is that it will be on orders of above $35.

The eventual goal for Walmart is to make this 1 day shipping available countrywide. At the beginning, it will be available for orders in Las Vegas and Phoenix first, spreading to California in their next phase. 

Does this move make you want to shop at Walmart instead of Amazon? Let us know your thoughts below!

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