What’s in my Wallet: April 2018

So you’re reading a credit card blog, but what exactly are the people behind the blog using for their every day purchases? 

Cards in My Wallet

  • Blue Cash Everyday
  • Chase Freedom
  • Discover Chrome
  • Citi Double Cash 


  • Grocery: Chase Freedom (5%)
  • Gas: Blue Cash Everyday (2%)
  • Restaurants: Discover Chrome (2%) / Citi Double Cash (2%)
  • Everything Else: Blue Cash Preferred (1%) / Citi Double Cash (2%)

There is a slight change to the strategy in April. Because April marks the beginning of Q2, it would only seem necessary to put the new Chase Freedom to use. The Q2 category is groceries, so that spend will earn me 5%. Otherwise,  everything else is the same: Gas goes to the Blue Cash Everyday, restaurants are either Discover Chrome or Citi Double Cash, and everything else is thrown on the Blue Cash Preferred or the Double Cash. 

Next card

The plan for my next card is still the Chase Sapphire Reserve in October. I’ve got a big graduation trip planned in November of 2018, so it makes sense for me to grab the card in October. That way, I have time to get some of the perks before the trip such as Priority Pass and Global Entry, as well as solving any potential waits for the card. I want to play it safe and don’t want to leave anything to chance. 

Final Thoughts

With the Chase Sapphire Reserve in mind, I’m still trying to best set myself up for that card. Putting spend on the Chase Freedom will look good to Chase. Putting spend on both the Amex Blue Cash Preferred and the Discover Chrome card will increase my chances of getting a 10k+ limit. That high of a limit should help secure any last potential hurdle of getting approved. 

With the available cards that I have, do you think this is the ideal strategy? Do you think I’m setting myself up in a good way for the Sapphire Reserve? Are there any other cards you would recommend? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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