What’s in My Wallet: December 2018

With the sign up bonus still active, and sitting right in before a credit card application, you would think this month would be a pretty boring article… nope! I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve, and that comes in the form of a huge credit limit increase. 


It looks like American Express may have gotten a little bit jealous of Chase giving m the highest limit in my credit card arsenal. With it being 6 months since I applied for a credit limit increase, I thought I would try my luck again at a credit limit increase. I didn’t expect a 3x, because typically American Express likes to pump the brakes when you reach 35k, I asked for 34k. I didn’t quite get that number, but I did get approved for a credit limit increase. This increase brought me from $14,200 to $23,500! That’s honestly pretty incredible if you ask me. I’m thinking I’ll be completely satisfied when I get to 30k on an American Express card. 

Cards In my Wallet

  1. Chase Sapphire Reserve
  2. Blue Cash Preferred
  3. Freedom
  4. Discover IT


  • Sign Up Bonus: Chase Sapphire Reserve for everything

After Sign Up Bonus

  • Every Purchase via Chase Pay/Samsung Pay: Chase Freedom (5%)
  • If purchase doesn’t go through: Chase Sapphire Reserve

As far as the strategy for December, it’s as follows. Finishing up the sign up bonus is priority. I am lucky that I’m very close to meeting it at the start of this month with my trip last month. Once I meet that, then we are switching over to the Chase Freedom. For the Q4 category, Chase is offering 5% via if you use Chase Pay with the card. My phone broke recently, and I replaced my Note 4 with a Samsung Pay capable Note 9. Because of the partnership between Chase and Samsung, I can get 5% pretty much everywhere. On the rare instance that it doesn’t work, I’ll just bust out the physical Sapphire Reserve and pay that way. 

Next card

I’m still planning on picking up the Chase Ink Business Preferred next. It also suffers from the same restrictions as the Reserve card, the 5/24 rule and a credit limit minimum. I think my credit profile is strong enough, I’ll just need to see if this blog can constitute a business. In either case, lets hope for the best as if I can get this card, I’ll go for the Chase quadfecta soon. 

Final Thoughts

I still think it’s pretty crazy how quickly my Blue Cash Preferred has grown in such a short time. Not to mention really, the overall limits on my cards. I never really expected this kind of love, so it’s great to see my hard work appreciated by the credit card companies. I’m hoping the new year brings some credit card goodies along with it. 

How has your credit grown throughout the 2018 year? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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